Privacy policy

A description of personal data file in accordance with Section 10 of the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/99)

1. Controller of personal data file issues

Modusmusiikki Oy, Puistokatu 6 D 1, 39500 Ikaalinen, Finland

2. Person in charge of personal data file issues

Matti Murto, Tel. +358 (0)40 169 8484

3. Name of the personal data file

Modusmusiikki Webshop Customer Records

4. Purpose of processing the personal data

The purpose of the personel data file, is to maintain the customer records of Modusmusiikki Webshop, to provide user identification, and to process and archive the orders placed by the customers. The records can be used to improve Modusmusiikki customer relations management, and also for the compiling of statistics according to the provisions of the Personal Data Act.

The data can be used to focus SMI marketing. Any customer information will never be released to any third party.

5. Data included in the personal data file

The customer records include the following data:

  • The person's first and last name
  • User identification and E-mail address
  • Address, postal code and post office
  • Telephone/mobilephone number
  • Information about recent orders

6. Sources of information used for the data file

The information provided by the customer of Modusmusiikki Webshop.

7. Regular disclosure of data

The data will not be disclosed outside EU or European Economic Area. The data will not be disclosed to any third parties outside Modusmusiikki. The personal information will be handled with confidence, and any personal information will be removed from the records if requested.

8. Principles for protection of the data file

All data transfered between Modusmusiikki Webshop and the user is secured with 128 bit SSL-encryption. This method ensures that no third party can read, alter or disrupt the data transfer between Modusmusiikki Webshop and the user.

The data file shall be stored in a computer, which only the employees of Modusmusiikki Oy have the access to. The data file is protected by user name and password. All the personal information will be handled confidentially by Modusmusiikki, and either the records or the access to review the data will not be disclosed to any third party.