About Modus Musiikki Ltd.

Modus Musiikki Ltd is a Finnish music publishing company which publishes classical music and teaching material. The company was founded in 1987 in Tampere. Now the company has based in Ikaalinen (about 45 km north from Tampere).

The managing director of Modus Musiikki Ltd is composer Matti Murto. Modus Musiikki has published about 200 titles, including about 400 compositions from more than 40 different composers. After Edition Hellas Ltd. stopped its publishing activities in the beginning of the 1990s, most of its publishing rights were transferred to Modus Musiikki.

In addition to modern Finnish classical music, Modus Musiikki has published a considerable amount of modern Finnish chamber music. Some of these chamber music compositions were composed for the national chamber music competitions for young musicians. In addition to traditional classical instruments, Modus Musiikki has also published a considerable amount of classical music for the accordion and the kantele.