Viitala Sakari: Meadow, score


Meadow (2012)

Meadow was composed by a need for new percussion ensemble pieces. The order was made by Sakari´s percussion teacher in his hometown: Kokkola, Finland. Sakari was asked to compose from four to five new pieces per year for the Conservatory´s ensemble to perform. Sakari premiered all the pieces with the ensemble and the teacher Mika Viik was conducting.

Meadow is a duo for two vibraphones. It has beautiful melodies and also some chord progressions and accompaniment styles from classical music such as Albert´s bass.The accompanying and soloist role switches between two musicians. Meadow has sections where the mood changes, still maintaining the same style throughout the piece.

Meadow is a good piece for students whose technical capability has reached curtain point, can analyze and read the music and who has played chamber music and knows how to communicate and react.

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ISMN M-55003-277-4
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Viitala Sakari

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