Merja Ikkelä: FLORA, 12 Characteristic Pieces for Accordion


FLORA is a collection for standardbass-accordeon consisting twelve caracteristic pieces with variable degrees of difficulty. They are composed mainly for button accordeon.

Many of the pieces are etudes and perhaps they give something new to the players. Also making the fingerings is an etude in itself. The titles of the pieces may tell something of the way of the interpretation, but each accordeonist can make his own version for example by changing the tempos, dynamics and registers or by ornamentation.

The basic principle of FLORA: Don't worry, play happy!

  1. Lupin is spreading
  2. Hungarian Lilac
  3. Ramón the Plantain
  4. Quiet Bluebell
  5. Odyssey of Spreading Bellflower
  6. Clematis
  7. Capsella bursa pastoris
  8. Goodbye, Rosita
  9. Fluffing in Ikaalinen
  10. Maiden from Carelia
  11. Dilemma of Hedge False Bindweed
  12. Poinsettia

Merja Ikkelä has been teaching the piano and accordeon, keyboard harmony, music theory, instrument pedagogy, ensembles among other things at Espoo Music Institute, Helsinki Conservatory, Sibelius High School (a founding member), and Sibelius-Academy. She is also a founding member and a Honorary Member of the Associaton of Finnish Accordeon Teachers.

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